Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Setting the Standard

I am still working on my Bloodletters (pesky real life keeps getting in the way) but tonight I've finished off the Standard Bearer. This is a first for me because I never normally use the banners due to the need to decorate them myself but I decided if I was ever going to go for it then this was the perfect opportunity. I therefore eschewed the bleeding icon of Khorne and went for the banner.

Now I'll freely admit that freehanding isn't exactly my greatest talent and my previous attempts have been simply lucky flukes but the Mark of Khorne has always caused me problems (don't know why but it does). I wanted to do something a bit different with the Mark and I didn't want to have to try to freehand it so I used thin strips of micropore tape to create the mark and then painted the rest of the banner.

For the main area I bases with Bugman's Glow, washed with Reikland Fleshshade, dry brushed Cadian Fleshtone and finally Kislev Flesh. I chose a flesh look for the banner for two reasons and both are for background fluff purposes. The first is that it looks like human flesh and I imagine that it would be pretty terrifying in battle if a unit of Bloodletters were carrying a banner made from the flesh of your friends and allies. The second is that now I'm painting my Slaanesh units in fleshy colours the banner could also be the flesh of a Slaanesh Daemon which fits in with the whole Slaanesh vs Khorne situation. Perhaps a Daemonette tried to infiltrate Khorne's Brass Citadel and was caught or it could be a Slaaneshi Daemon Prince that was killed and it's skin was offered to Khorne along with it's skull. The fluff based reasons are as many as there are skulls at the throne of the Blood God but I basically thought it would look good and offset against the bright colours of the bodies of the Bloodletters.

The mark of Khorne is done with a lot of layers of Tamiya Colour X27 to achieve just the right shade. I basically overloaded the paint brush and let it run down the mark so I could see where the blood should be flowing and once I saw that I took a fine detail brush and made it look like the blood is dripping down.

Anyway enjoy and please tell me what you think :)

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