Sunday, 3 February 2013

That Ol' Black Magic

The Sorcerer is all but finished now, just got to do the base and he's totally finished. I changed the gold shoulder pad into another red one and re-did the Mark of Tzeentch. I'm really proud of this mark as it actually looks like it's supposed to but unfortunately the respirator pack mostly covers it so you can only just about see it but I know it's there and looks better than before.

I also finished the staff by painting it like stone with a glowing green stone in the middle. I'm really pleased with how he looks as the colour scheme is outlandish but it goes (at least I think so). I kept the pack dark and light on the details so that it doesn't detract from the rest of the model.

As you can see, I decided against my pure Black Legion army in favour of pre-heresy colours that will extend across all of my units. My berserkers will be pre-heresy World Eaters, noise marines as Emperors Children (purple and gold), plague marines as Death Eaters... You get the idea. I'm back on my variety thing again so hopefully I'll produce a well painted and interesting army and while the colours are pre-heresy, I can't afford the Forge World models (and probably never will) so they will be the legions DURING the heresy as opposed to before or after. I figure that will allow me to indulge in my love of variety and explain the changes in armour and such.

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