Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Skin Treatment

And by treatment I mean that I've done the skin on my Lord of Change. I re-did the Tamiya Paint and then hit the drybrush. Since the Flamers I've really started to love drybrushing and I think it's going to be the single thing that binds my Tzzentchian forces together (obviously they can't be too cohesive as a force because that goes against Tzeentch completely). So how I've done the skin; after retouching the Tamiya, I drybrushed over with Altdorf Guard blue, then a 50/50 mix of Altdorf and Calgar Blue. Following that was pure Calgar Blue, then a 50/50 mix with Genestealer Purple and then pure Genestealer. The last few layers were various mixes of Genestealer and Ulthuan Grey, starting with a 75/25 and going right through to a 25/75 (where the 25 is Genestealer and the 75 is Ulthuan). I highlighted the veins and tendons with pure Ulthuan Grey, although I did originally plan to use Slaanesh Grey. The reason for the change was that Slaanesh Grey blended too much with the purple/grey mix underneath so it couldn't be seen very well and I figured white would be far too bright.

I also did the beak, eyes and a little more of the robe too. Starting with the beak, based in Zandri Dust and then given a highlight with a 40/60 mix of Zandri Dust and Averland Sunset. After that further highlighting was done with pure Averland and then the drybrush stuck again, this time with Yriel and Flash Gitz Yellows. The eyes were based with Mephistion Red, then Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wildrider red, Abbadon Black for the pupil, White Scar for the light spots and a coat of 'Ardcoat to really make them shine. The robe was simply repainted with Fenrisian Grey but I've still got plenty of that to do.

I also mixed a little Ulthuan Grey with Temple Guard Blue (approximately a 30/70 mix) and again highlighted the wings. I like how they look but I keep thinking there's something not quite right about them so I'll keep changing and highlighting until I'm satisfied.

Next on the "to do" list for my Lord of Change is the jewellery, claws and the ropes holding his robes on. Also the staff because what I plan to do with that will be pretty simple. Once those are done then I can finish the robes, base the big bird (maybe I should have given him yellow wings?) and then he can go with the rest of my Tzeentch units in the cabinet.

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