Thursday, 17 January 2013

Lord Have Mercy

Well he's done and that completes my Tzeentchian line-up; presenting Hèc'anæ Merwî-višh'të, The Lord of Change! I've decided to start naming all of my major models so that I'm more attached to them in battles and stuff.

Allow me to quickly go over how I've finished him, starting with the robe. I worked up the layers by slowly mixing Fenrisian and Ulthuan Grey (probably about 6 or 7 mixes in all) and painting the edge with Zandri Dust with a Balor Brown highlight. The gold was painted with Balthasar Gold, washed with Seraphim Sepia, then highlighted with Gehenna's and Auric Armour Gold. The rope around his waist was painted Mournfang Brown, then Gorthor and finally Baneblade brown. All in all I'd say there's a large amount of time that's gone into this model and I'm really pleased with how he turned out.

Onto tactics then I guess. As might be expected with a Lord of Change, I don't have one specific stratagem for his use but a number of them and the first is mainly for magic heavy armies. My LoC will have the Flames of Tzeentch gift (D6 strength 4 hits, 18" range and no multiple shot penalties) and the Dark Magister (ignores first miscast) gifts regardless of the opponent(s) but it's the other gift that is so context specific. For example I'm hardly going to use Spell Breaker (1 instant dispel, spell destroyed on a 4+) if I'm up against a Khorne army and against a ranged/heavy magic army then the Staff of Change (opponent must pass a toughness test per wound or suffer instant death) won't really be helpful unless I put my LoC in danger. Because they're rather specific in terms of tactical advantage I'll decide which one I use before each battle.

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