Sunday, 9 September 2012

The rise of Nurgle

Once again I've gotten bored with my Horrors (but I did manage to finish another one so now I've got 6) and my chariot isn't looking great so I'm holding off until I can figure out what to do with it. In the lull my Plaguebearers were calling...

I recently saw a video on YouTube about painting them and I loved the way they looked so much that I've abandoned my own colour scheme in favour of a slightly modified version of that one. After putting all 10 together I have sort of fallen in love with them but I may have gone overboard with the extras (see the pictures below).

I've sprayed them in Skull White (which I'm now running low on) and frankly they look awesome because all the tiny details have been picked out (again, see below). Painting these will be an experiment in painting styles as I'll be doing a lot of washes and glazes as opposed to using paints and I'm going to attempt weathering. We'll see how it goes as we go along.

By the way the other parts on the spray board are for my chariot, so ignore those lol

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