Sunday, 2 September 2012

The horror... THE HORROR!!!

As much as I keep going on about my Horrors, I'm still not finishing the unit. Instead I'm working on my Exalted Seeker Chariot of Slaanesh. The reason is that as I was tidying up from my Daemon Prince I had an OCD attack and felt the need to organise my entire room; the only thing that didn't fit anywhere? The Chariot.

So far the construction of this beast has not gone smoothly. I'm constructing it bit by bit and painting as I go. The metal I've done was sprayed white, base coated with Leadbelcher, then Ironbreaker and then brushed over a layer of Golden Griffon. Unfortunately that was a lot of metal which I didn't like so I tried to break it up with purple gems so the dots were done with Xerus Purple and highlighted Genestealer Purple. That STILL wasn't enough so I painted a section of the front with Warplock Bronze to highlight the Mark of Slaanesh.

There's been a huge problem though. As I'm assembling the pieces the others, because they're quite flimsy, are falling apart so I think I may have to super glue the main parts together so I can then put the spikes on. Or wait for the plastic glue to dry...

Anyway, pics are down below :)

Edit (3/6/2013): As you'll see later I very much decided that this scheme didn't work for me. It looks good on these pictures but in real life it looked nothing like this and was basically offensive to the eyes so I scrapped the scheme and started again.

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