Friday, 31 August 2012

Daemon Prince... FINISHED!!

The day has finally come, he's finished!!!! It's only taken me just this side of forever but he's finished (pics are below I think).

I've told you how I did the flesh and the brass already and you've seen how that turned out. The wings would either make or break this model and I thought that with the intensity of the rest of the colours that the membranes would have to be dark so that it's not giving everyone a headache. I tried the whole black blended into grey thing I talked about before and after two thinned layers of Dawnstone I realised I hated the idea.

After a trip to the Dudley store and an explanation of my predicament the guy suggested a darker grey with a Nuln Oil wash so I eventually chose Eshin Grey. I was going to highlight around the recesses with a lighter grey but I thought that would do what I'm trying to avoid which would be to draw attention to the wings and away from the rest of the model.

I have to say that I'm pretty damn pleased with how it turned out. Oh the skeleton stuff on the base is from the Warhammer basing kit and I decided not to go crazy with the gore so I've just left it as bare bones. He's based with Astrogranite (like all of my models) and once that's dry it'll be dry brushed with Ulthuan Grey and my Prince will be absolutely finished but that'll take me less than 5 minutes to do.

The next stop on our Daemonic tour will be the realm of Tzeentch to complete the Horrors unit. I may even do a step by step picture guide as to how I do it because I've got one sprayed and ready to go. We'll see if I remember to do it or not. Stay tuned.

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