Monday, 10 September 2012

Finishing Touches

I haven't actually painted anything new today (except for the Athonian Camoshade wash on my Nurglings) but I've finished off my incompletes i.e. my Plaguebearers from yesterday and the Pink Horror.

All I did was finish the bases but I took it nice and slow to minimise errors. The bases are done with the Astrogranite texture paints and dry brushed with Ulthuan Grey. I'm debating whether to do other stuff to some of the bases to distinguish them from each other such as add different colour for each God or something like that. I haven't decided yet but it's something I'm considering.

I'm not showing the Horrors until they're all done but I'll show the completed Plaguebearers (below).

I've decided that my Plaguebearers standard bearer will be carrying the Standard of Seeping Decay. Partially because it's the cooler sounding one of the two options and also because of the effect it has. It allows the unit to re-roll failed attempts to wound so once I have a Herald of Nurgle, that rule, their poisoned attacks and their regeneration save (thanks Herald) will make them pretty damn useful in battle. Slow moving but can take a hit and then really kick ass when in combat. Plus they can act as a shield for the Horrors/magic wielders if needs be but that's a tactic to be considered in larger games. Although I don't suppose that the Horrors will need a shield if they have a Herald too...

I'm really pleased with how they look but they'll look even better come the end of the month when I get the right paints to do some weathering. So Plaguebearers are to be continued, Nurglings are on the go and Horrors will have to be done I guess. I'll do them before the Flamers because they're going to take some work to get them how I want. I have some very funky effects planned for the Nurglings but I won't spoil the surprise here. Stay tuned for details.

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