Monday, 18 November 2013

Sisters are Doing it for Themselves

Since the launch otherAdepta Sounderrateddex I've been thinking about the beloved Sisters and I've also taken tpopular ing them in Dawn of War (not my usual army at all) and while I'm aware that Dawn of War is basically what the tabletop game wishes it could be they've actually been a whole lot of fun. Not quite sure how I feel about the whole Faith system but the Acts of Faith (as they are in the DoW game anyway) were pretty cool. Cool enough that I'd actually consider a Sisters army when they come out in plastic; yes I'm firmly of the belief that they will come out in plastic.

I do like the current models they have but I'm not a fan of metal and also the Living Saint model seems a little lacklustre when compared to the art work and the way she is presented in Dawn of War. Huge wings, towering over the lesser mortals and an obvious beacon of power and piety. The current model doesn't really carry that same awe inspiring look that you'd associate with a Living Saint and to be honest I think the Cherubs holding the cape just kind of cheapen the model

The Sisters are an iconic yet very underrated army and the only thing holding them back from being one of the most popular armies is the fact that their models are almost entirely metal and are VERY expensive. There are some excellent alternative models out there and if GW would just totally overhaul the models then the ladies of war would be back on top with popularity to rival the Space Nerds. I'm aware an overhaul like these girls need is a huge undertaking but the rewards would be worth the effort for GW as well as the gamers.

Sisters=awesome and there's no doubt about it but at the moment they just aren't worth the cost to do through GW which is a shame but I will hang on to the hope that the Sisters will get the update they both need and deserve and on this note of hope I say Merry Christmas!!

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