Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Colours of the Wind

Games Workshop have announced some very awesome new paints in November's White Dwarf as shown above. They're basically GW's answer to things like Modelmates and Tamiya when it comes to special effects for our models.

Below are a series of images that show the new paints and what they look like in use.

When I saw these I was very excited about them (especially the new base paint and Nurgle's Rot) but they're still not up for sale on the website. For the first time ever I decided to email GW to ask for myself and here is their response (which actually came within half an hour of my email so I was impressed):

Hi Luke

Thanks for the email, the new effect paints will be available to purchase both instore and online from this Saturday the 16th November.

We hope this helps.
Kyle Workman
Games Workshop Customer ServiceGames Workshop Customer Service

So there we have it, another set of paints to add to the collection and they're coming soon! I don't know about you but I'm very excited.

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  1. Weird I emailed them today about this and also got a quick response. I think they will be usefull!


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