Monday, 8 April 2013

Raising a Whole Lot of Hell

After a slightly larger than recommended dose of pain killers I felt ok to paint for the first time in a few days (though on a side note they're wearing off as I type and I get the feeling I'll be paying for what I've done pretty soon) but enough about my drug requirements, you're here to see what I've done.

The first thing I did was add the parts to my Herald of Tzeentch that I'd forgotten to add on (namely his tail) and prime. Unfortunately with my current lack of a bendable spinal column I had to use Imperial Primer instead of spraying the pieces white but they're ready to be painted like the rest of him. I also primed my Skull Cannon, the Disc of Tzeentch for my Herald (for convenience I'm modelling him on a disc but he won't always be on a disc in any games I eventually play) and my Herald of Khorne. I also completed the Disc and Exalted Flamer for my burning Chariot of Tzeentch.

For my Khorne Herald I've decided to add a little scenery to his base in the form of a couple of heads, but not just any heads. The first is a generic skull (probably wasn't worthy for the Skull Throne) but the other is very topical for this current time in that I plan to have him treading on a Tau Fire Warrior head. I think I have a Kroot head in my bits box too so I might really bash the Tau army. Can you tell I'm not really a Tau fan?

With the Skull Cannon I haven't assembled the riders yet and I'm seriously debating whether I want them on it or not. I'm also debating over armour colour so I think this one might take a fair amount of time while I work out what I want from it.

The Disc is actually pretty much done in my head but I'm missing one or two of the colours I need to make it look how I want it to look so I'll have to wait until pay day for that.

The Flamer... I still enjoy painting those even though I haven't varied the paint scheme very much (if at all). I think the only difference is that the flames are green on this one. I made the Disc nice and simple to more completely contrast what will be going on in the rest of the model in that it keeps your attention on the Flamer himself and not the pile of corpses under his patio. Assuming he has a patio or even a garden. Anyway, distractions gone now.

I feel like I should confess that I started this post ridiculously early on Monday morning but stopped at the last paragraph to go to sleep then forgot to finish it so I've done a lot more to the Burning Chariot in that all I have to do now is the Screamers and the base and it's done. I'll take some pictures of it and post about it when it's done. I also had a flash of inspiration for my Plague Drones so I might actually get to finish one pretty soon so stay tuned.

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