Friday, 15 March 2013

Spreading Like Plague

I decided this evening that it's all good and well talking strategy if a large part of my force remains unpainted so that's exactly what I've been doing and I have to start by saying that my painting session didn't exactly go to plan...

I started with my Bloodletters as I only have two complete, one awaiting the finishing touches and seven that are about half done so I decided to work on the metallic parts i.e. swords, horn caps and Khorne symbols. I did the base coats on everything and then decided to do the wash (I've been using my 50/50 Agrax Earthshade and Nuln Oil mix) which is also what I wanted to use on my Plague Drones. I already had a decent amount mixed up so I figured that once I'd finished the metallic areas that I should use the rest on the Plague Drones, then once I had done that I figured I may as well do the riders while I'm holding the Wash Brush and while the flies dry and then thought I may as well start the Herald too while I'm using Athonian Camoshade. So a God-jumping, random process to get from where I started to where I ended up; with no more finished Bloodletters and my Plague Drones and Herald of Nurgle started.

I must confess though that I'm getting tempted to do my Burning Chariot because I can see in my head exactly how it will turn out and it will be amazing. I'm also kinda tempted to do my Herald of Tzeentch too but I need to pick a project and stick with it and I'm going to do just that. At some point. Maybe. Ok so I'm still going to flit between projects but maybe not so many.

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