Saturday, 23 February 2013

They are Arisen!

So the new models for the Daemons have officially been released for advance order and I have to say that while I'm still not entirely sold on the Khorne cannon I could really get into the rest of the new releases and now that they've gone live I think I can add pictures now. If I'm not allowed I'm sure that GW will tell me so.

Ok first of all we have the Herald of Slaanesh who appears to be bridging the gap between the regular Daemonettes and The Masque with her dynamic pose, skirt and extra head detail. She does only have two arms as well.

Next up we have the Herald of Khorne who is basically a big Bloodletter with what appears to be a slightly bigger sword and a bit of armour. Now I don't know if you can tell but I've never really been the biggest fan of Khorne and if I wasn't aiming for total completion then I'd probably just leave his quarter right out but he does have an important role to play in each army and fills that gap well so he's unfortunately necessary. I must say though that the Herald does look kinda cool and very menacing.

The Herald of Nurgle is a sight to behold and is basically a big Plaguebearer with a bigger hole in his gut. I have to say though I do enjoy the little Nurgling just perching there on the Herald's horns. I also love the detail on the back of the model where you can see that the horns are not growing from the Herald's head but the tip of his spine.

The Plague Drones are models I wasn't too sure about earlier and the pictures I've managed to get don't exactly show them off well but I can safely say that the pictures they have on the GW site are much better. One thing I don't like is the elephant-like trunks but the GW website shows them with normal mouths instead of those and they look way better and I'm now really wanting a unit.

The final two pictures I have are of the Burning Chariot of Tzeentch. The reason I have two pictures is that there are two ways to assemble it; one with a Herald and one with an Exalted Flamer. The Herald is basically a Pink Horror with clothes and the Exalted Flamer looks just like the other ones but with WAY more fire. I think the way I'll do it is with the Flamer and have the Herald on foot. The reason for that is that it allows for a focal point that binds the Tzeentchian units together and I get a Herald on foot to match the other three.

So that's my opinion of most of the new Daemon models. You may be wondering where the chariot/cannon for Khorne is is but I'm not sure I like it just yet so I need to get used to it

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