Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Training Wheels

Finally, the chariot is done! It's only taken me since the end of August but it's finally done. All I have to do now is the basing and add a little blood to the wheels once I've added the body parts to it and then it's completely done.

I'm actually really pleased with it (I was a little concerned with the outrageous colour scheme of the steeds). The reason for the four colours is to represent the four corporal sins; lust, gluttony, avarice and sloth. The two riders and the clawed Daemonette represent the spiritual sins (pride, envy and anger). The Daemonette with the whips is the epitome of the Slaaneshi doctrine in that she is whipping the sins to urge them ever onwards in a frenzy.

The reason I chose the crazy colours for the steeds is partly to incorporate backstory and partly to create an effect which I think has worked quite well. The back story is that the steeds are coloured by the mood of Slaanesh at the time of their creation so they are different colours to represent different moods. Sort of like a mood ring with claws and intoxicating saliva. The effect I hope to have created is that the eye is drawn to the steeds first and then to the riders, at which point the bizarre relationship between the physical appearance and the natural skin tones becomes evident and then dominates the model instead of the steeds.

Once I finish the basing I'll show you all that too.

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