Saturday, 12 January 2013

Delayed Manifestion

It's only taken a few months but I finally finished my Pink Horrors!! My life they were really boring to paint, I'm guessing it was the constant block colour and the small details weren't enough to break it up. I think for my next unit I'll have to come up with some new colour schemes to break up the monotony. I don't even like pink that much...

Ok so onto how I did them. Skin: Screamer Pink, Pink Horror, Emperor's Children and a drybrush of Changeling Pink. The gems, gold and daggers were painted in a number of ways owing to the fact that I've been painting them over a very long period of time and not only have my skills improved drastically but so has my collection of paints so the models range from flat and one dimensional to to fully shaded and looking like they're about to run and jump off the bases.

From a gameplay perspective they have the Changeling instead of an iridescent horror (there was an IH but I converted it into my herald) and I'm giving them the Icon of Sorcery. As a unit of Horrors can cast spells and the Icon of Sorcery grants a +1 bonus to spell casting then it's a pretty good deal. It will also help to keep them alive longer as their miscast result is a little different to normal sorcerers in Warhammer; they suffer D6 wounds with no saves at all allowed so +1 to casting will help keep them from miscasting so much.

Obviously I will be getting more of these at some point but it won't be until I've worked out some more colour schemes so that I don't get so bored of them.

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