Friday, 24 August 2012

The end of all that is...

So I've finished my exams now (and put some Plaguebearers on reserve for Wednesday) so it's time to hit the paint pots. I've resumed painting my Daemon Prince so now I've gone up to the Carroburg Crimson layer on one arm and the two wings and I've done a layer of Wazdakka Red on the other arm and tail.

As you'll see above/below/wherever (first post from the App so I'm not sure where the picture will be) I've made a small modification to the axe because I didn't like how it was like the butt of a gun. I cut one of the spike tips from the fetish decorations from the Daemon Prince kit, cut the end of the axe off, filed down both sides and stuck them together. Personally I think it looks much better.

So you can see from my other pictures (wherever Tzeentch sees fit to put them) my progress here. I've completed the body and the face, and by the way the effect on the one body picture I was very surprised at, I had no idea the flash would do that but I liked it. I'd love to tell you how to get that effect but I can't. I'm baffled and impressed even though I'm the one doing it.

So that's my progress so far. I'll keep you updated on his Majesty's progress once I've done all the skin. Then I'll have moved onto the brass and will hopefully have decided what to do with the axe head because that's going to be a lot of block brass and I don't know how to paint obsidian. Well not yet at least.

Stay tuned.

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