Thursday, 9 August 2012

Daemon Prince

Well as much as I said I'd post when I complete a model I can't help myself, I'm really proud of my Daemon Prince already so this is a preliminary posting that will be edited as I get closer to completing it (which might take a while because I have a lot on at the moment but the second I finish I'll be right here to update this entry). So I'm working on a Daemon Prince (as I'm sure you've worked out already) but I've dedicated this one to Khorne. My reasoning is that a Daemon Prince is quite the fighting machine and then adding some of the Bloodthirster Daemonic Gifts into the mix makes the Prince just that much deadlier. Plus I've already got the Herald of Slaanesh and will have the unit of Horrors for magic so I figured having a big beast of a melee fighter would protect the magic users for a little longer.

So as a Khorne Prince he's obviously going to be red. I under coated in black and then base coated in Khorne Red (all the guides say to use Mephistion Red but I think Khorne Red is slightly deeper than Mephistion so that's why I've done that. Plus it says Khorne in the name...) So over that I did a couple of layers of Carroburg Crimson to make sure I've highlighted EVERY line of his musculature and believe me there's a lot of muscles. Then I've gone over with Wazdakka Red and then a layer of Bloodletter glaze. On top of that has been a layer of Evil Sunz Scarlett and then another layer of Bloodletter (on the torso I used two layers because it kept running down the body so I dried the first layer in front of a fan and then added the second layer). I originally went up to Wild Rider Red but the red lost a lot of intensity and no amount of Bloodletter helped, and Lamenters Yellow didn't really work either so I took it back to black and started again. As a result I lost the arrows on the Prince's chest but that just gave me a great place to paint on the Mark of Khorne so I don't feel bad at all.

So I've painted the head (minus the horns), the torso and the legs. I have started the weapon arm (I gave him an axe instead of a sword, I figured Khorne would bless a mortal who ascends to Daemonhood with an axe. I don't know why but that seems a very Khorne thing to do to me).

With regards to weapons and stuff lets talk gifts and things. Naturally I gave my Prince the Winged Horror Daemonic Gift; all the better to get him into combat even faster with the Fly special rule. I've also given him the Axe of Khorne (I decided this gift AFTER deciding to give him the axe as his weapon) and Immortal Fury so he gets more chances to get a 6 to wound and utilise the Killing Blow rule.

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