Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year!!

Yes it's that time again where hobbyists everywhere take stock of all the models they've acquired over the last twelve months and resolve to paint them all before buying anything new and I don't plan to buck the trend. In fact I'm going to make the same promise and the only time I will buy anything new is if I need it for a game (as I've done recently) or if Games Workshop suddenly throw out a whole new bunch of models for my CSM or Daemons (I've got enough Tyranids and Undead to be getting on with for now!!)

It's list time everyone! Brace yourselves because this could go on for a while... I'll split this into things I have part painted and need to finish, things I've built but not painted (this will include anything I've sprayed but no base coats) and finally everything I need to build.

To Complete
1x Necromancer
1x Isabella Von Carstein
1x Mortis Engine
20x Crypt Ghouls
5x Seekers of Slaanesh
2x Plague Drones
3x Heralds (two Slaanesh and a Tzeentch)
1x Hive Tyrant
1x Carnifex
3x Warriors
40x Termagants
1x Ahriman
1x Cultist
4x Thousand Sons
20x Chaos Space Marines
7x Ripper Bases
5x Justaerin Terminators
2x Chosen CSM
1x Abaddon
1x Sorcerer

1x Helbrute
1x Maulerfiend
1x Land Raider
5x Havocs
20x Termagants
3x Screamers
3x Flamers
1x Skulltaker
3x Beasts of Nurgle
16x Cultists
6x Khorne Berzerkers
2x Zoanthropes
5x Possessed
1x Spirit Host
3x Flesh Hounds
1x Be'lakor

1x Lord of Skulls (though I have started it, I'm counting it as unbuilt as I haven't finished the sub-assemblies for painting it yet)
10x Chaos Space Marines
5x Cultists
5x Raptors/Warp Talons (haven't decided which yet)
5x Terminators
2x Spirit Host
1x Nagash
20x Skeletons
10x Dire Wolves
1x Corpse Cart
1x Master Necromancer conversion
1x Vampire Lord conversion
5x Hexwraiths
3x Crypt Horrors/Vargheists (haven't decided yet)
7x Flesh Hounds
10x Daemonettes

Now that I'm done listing it has just dawned on me just how much stuff I have to work on! In my defence I've had to study a lot for exams for work so my hobby time has been cut into because of having to study a lot in a short space of time but this month will be my last exam so I can get back into painting a lot more. I also want 2015 to be a bit more of a gaming year for me as I still haven't yet found an army combination I really enjoy. I do have a reputation for being Psyker heavy but it doesn't really work so well in 7th as it did in 6th so I will be experimenting a lot more with lists to see what different units can do.

I do have a tournament coming up soon so my focus will be on my Black Legion projects as I plan to use a Chaos Space Marine list which should be lots of fun and will shock the #WS10 guys as I'm known for my love of the Warp Storm that goes with Daemons but I do enjoy being unpredictable... I do plan to expand my book collection so I'll be looking at getting the Black Legion supplement in hardback, the Warzones for Apocalypse and getting more Imperial Armour books. I may be expanding my Codex collection too but that will definitely be something I think about much much later on. I quite like the idea of having all of the codexes on my shelves rather than just on my phone or my tablet. I'd be lying if I said there wouldn't be more model additions to my force as well (I know I said there won't be but I'm a realist and GW has a whole 12 months of release schedule and there's a rumoured CSM v Dark Angels campaign coming up) and that will obviously take priority over collecting codexes for armies I'm probably never going to own. With the exception of maybe one after I saw how they play last week but you'll hear more on that when I finish the write-up...

What all of this means is that while I'm going to try to get even more involved with the hobby this year I'll probably end up a reclusive hermit talking to bits of plastic and requiring constant medication with how insane I'm probably going to go from all the painting I've got left to do and all the dice I'll be rolling. So happy 2015 and when rolling your many, many dice (and yes I'm ripping off The Hunger Games here); may the odds be ever in your favour! Unless you're against me and then may the odds be ever in MY favour!!

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