Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Rubric Effect

It has once again been a while but I've started a new job so getting used to that has been a bit of a struggle as well as having to deal with everything else but I have managed to do some painting! I've managed to finish a basic five man squad of Thousand Sons which, in the spirit of my Black Legion Company dream, have been painted to match my Sons of the Cyclops scheme. I said it when I painted the Sorcerer and I'll say it again here; I do really love this colour scheme. The reason for this is that not only is it very different to how most people paint their Thousand Sons but also the black armour allows for the blue and gold to really pop as spot colours. 

Below we have individual shots of each of the Rubric Marines and the Sorcerer just because I'm really proud of how he turned out.

You may have noticed that the Rubrics don't have their eyes painted and that's not me being lazy it's actually fluffy. The Rubric effectively left the armour as walking tombs so all that there is inside is the remains of the Marine (commonly said to be dust) and his soul so to me that effectively means that the armour is completely empty. I thought it would be an interesting representation of the fact that they are basically empty shells so the eyes are left completely empty.

Of course my Rubrics aren't the only thing I've done they're just the only finished thing I've got to show so to finish this post I'm going to show another "to do" list as I found that the last one I posted motivated me to do more. Here goes:

Three Beasts of Nurgle
Two Plague Drones (including riders)
One Herald of Tzeentch
10 Horrors of Tzeentch (yes I got another 10, can you blame me after the last time I used them?)
One Herald of Slaanesh
Four Seekers of Slaanesh (including riders)
One Skulltaker

Total unfinished models= 22

Five Justaerin Terminators (waiting for these to arrive from China but they're on their way)
One Rhino (part base coated)
One Heldrake (in progress)
Four Thousand Sons (in progress and I assembled three more since the last list to give me nine)
16 Cultists
30 Chaos Space Marines
Five Possessed Chaos Marines
Six Khorne Berzerkers
Two Chosen

Total unfinished models= 74

30 Fire Warriors
Four Drones
One Ethereal

But I don't want to end on a "you still have loads to do" so I'm going to leave on a list of everything I have finished since the last list.

Plague Drones repairs
Bloodcrusher unit (which has been extremely popular on Twitter)
Four Thousand Sons
Blue Scribes Kit Bash (kit bashed and fully painted)

As well as this I have been rebasing parts of my armies when I have the right bases for the job, painting my Heldrake and I've been working on a Ku'Gath conversion that is looking rather promising at the moment. I have been looking at paint schemes for the Keeper of Secrets and the Bloodthirster as well bebcause I have a great idea for a game whereby I can take nothing but four fully upgraded Greater Daemons against an entire army and see what happens. Are they the army killing force the fluff makes them out to be or will they fold like paper against an entire army? I'd like to find out but I digress.

My point here beezlshquits is that while my pace may have slowed down I have not stopped and when I get the chance I'm going to power through as much as I possibly can so that I can buy more stuff :D *insert evil laugh here*

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