Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Working the Forge of Souls

It has certainly been a while since my last post (again) but there's a reason for that which is that I've been very focused on my painting. This focus has meant that since deciding my New Year's Resolution to paint a unit a week I've actually been able to do it so yay me.

This boost in my progress means that I've got plenty to show you and I'll start by showing my Blue Scribes kit bash which was more of a pillaging of the leftover bits and pieces from the Burning Chariot kit. Without further ado...

The next thing I've done is to finish off my Bloodcrushers and I have to say that I'm really pleased with how they've turned out. Here they are:

I did also finish my Thousand Sons cultist but he was before my one unit a week idea but here he is anyway:

My other exploits within the hobby are the assembling of Be'lakor, Skulltaker and the partial assembling of my Heldrake (by which I mean I've assembled it in various pieces so that I can paint it properly before putting it together. I've also done one more thing (aside from the work I've done on this week's project) which is to kit bash a new Herald of Slaanesh.

She is made up of Shadowblade's body from the Dark Elves, a whip from a Necrotek from the Tomb Kings, the claw from a Daemonette and I did my first Green Stuff to make her boobs and to fill in the gap between the claw and the body. Quite pleased that it actually looks like it was supposed to as I've not really done much with Green Stuff and with that in mind it's quite a big deal.

I'm pretty sure that's all but I'll have a look through my past posts and see if I've missed anything. If I have I'll make another post.

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