Saturday, 13 April 2013

Fire and Blood

Today I've been a busy bee and not only completed my Burning Chariot of Tzeentch but I've also finished my Bloodletters of Khorne.

So the Chariot has the Screamers done in the way I did the last ones and the Disk itself is done with Balthasar, Gehenna's and Auric Armour Gold but the best part is the flames holding up the Disk. They were done with a very simple colour scheme; Caledor Sky and Pink Horror. Seriously that's all I used. I actually used some basic art theory to find colours to contrast against the green but that would be complimentary together so I downloaded a Colour Wheel and decided to use blue as the base. From there I could have gone one of two ways; towards green or red and I figured that I'd already used green so I headed towards the red. The only problem with using red was that I was using the colour that featured pretty heavily in the Flamer so I toned it up a little and used pink instead. That came from another fluff-related idea to represent the Pink and Blue Flames of Tzeentch so I blended from one to the other and the result looks (to me) quite natural considering the palette. I have to say that I enjoyed the process of applying art theory to my work even if it was something as basic as the Colour Wheel and it makes me wonder what else I can do along these lines and if it will help to make me a better painter.

Moving on to the Bloodletters, I think I have already described how I painted them but I have to say I love Tamiya Color X-27 Clear Red because it makes blood, guts and gore just so much easier to paint. Also I added a bit of Latin onto the the back of the banner because I felt like it. One side says "blood for the blood god" and the other says "skulls for the skull throne" and for that I'd like to say thanks to Google translate for that because my knowledge of Latin isn't quite that good but there we go.

So that has been my day today and tomorrow I'm hoping to finish a Plague Drone or maybe a Herald. Hey if it goes well I might be able to do both and I may have another double feature for you. Wish me luck.

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