Sunday, 30 September 2012

Further on and further in

I haven't really made much in the way of progress over the last few days, partly due to being really tired and partly due to a lack of light bulbs but I've done a little more today so I'll share the progress with you.

Firstly the Changeling. It's really depressing me that he's just sitting on my windowsill, part painted and looking a little less that one dimensional so I've done a little more work on his robe. I've blended from Temple Guard Blue to Calgar Blue and then from Calgar Blue to Altdorf Guard Blue and while it looks subtle in the pictures it's actually looking pretty striking. I just need to give it a wash with Drakenhof Nightshade to pick out the detail again (I'll neaten it up with a cotton bud so I don't have to repaint the raised areas) and then I can focus on the arms. After the arms will be the staff and then the fine detail of the cloak.

For his arms I plan to incorporate some of the background story into the model itself. In the Army Book, the entry for The Changeling states that Tzeentch just lets him do his own thing as he goes around playing tricks on the other Gods. I'll be incorporating the traditional colour schemes of the four Chaos Gods onto each arm; red for Khorne, grey for Slaanesh, green for Nurgle (in the same way I did the Nurglings and Plaguebearers) and pink for Tzeentch. The blue and gold will be incorporated into the robes and jewellery so all the colours of Tzeentch will be present. It just seems like a good way to incorporate the fluff and will work as an experiment for a future project...

The other work I've done today is to start on the Steeds for my Exalted Chariot. I based all the fleshy and scaly areas in Daemonette Hide, washed over with Druchii Violet and I've just started layering up with Warpfiend Grey. I must say that already the effect is quite striking as the grey already looks quite pale next to the gold of the Chariot itself. My Daemonette riders will fall in line with how I painted The Masque and will be painted in flesh tones.

Pictures are below and I should mention that I've only done a small amount of the Warpfiend Grey but you can get the idea from what I've done.

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